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Former Editors

History of the Glossary:



The Gender Glossary developed out of the ''Glossary of Gender Studies'' project at the Freie Universität Berlin university, and was initiated by Barbara Drinck in 2003.The project made its way into the academic community at a time when the citability of online sources was doubted due to a low differentiation of standards at the time.



When Barbara Drinck took over the professorship for School Pedagogy with a special focus on School Development Research at Leipzig University’s Faculty of Education in 2010, she transferred the Gender Glossary project there.

In co-operation with Ilse Nagelschmidt, Professor Emeritus of Modern and Contemporary German Literature since 2020 and Director of the Centre for Women's and Gender Studies at Leipzig University at the time, the active redesign of the Gender Glossary began in September 2012.



Since its relaunch in July 2013, the Gender Glossary project, which is unique in Germany, has made its contributions available as open access publications with low barriers. With the listing of the Gender Glossary as a journal in February 2016, all contributions are permanently accessible and citable via long-term electronic archiving.

From 2015 to 2021, Heinz-Jürgen Voss, Professor of Sexual Science and Sexual Education at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, participated in the project as editor.



In 2021, the project underwent a comprehensive change process and a thematic expansion of the journal. This also involved a comprehensive relaunch of the website with diversity-sensitive access to the glossary entries. And in 2024, the editorship was handed over to the previous editorial team members, who have continued the content-related and organizational work since then.


Prof. Ilse Nagelschmidt (PhD)

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