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The Gender Glossary is an online journal that edits knowledge on gender and diversity from an intersectional, interdisciplinary perspective for academic and practical work inside and outside the university. The aim is to build up a reference work that is citable and free of charge for authors and users, which provides contributions on terms, topics, people and organisations from gender studies and the field of diversity.

In the sense of the "third mission" of higher education, the texts are accessible to the broad social public. The summaries in simple language contribute to that goal.

Especially young academics and students are invited to write and submit articles.

The quality and timeliness of the published articles is ensured through the cooperation with established academics who review them using the blind peer review method.

The Gender Glossary is listed as a journal under the ISSN 2366-5580.

Latest articles

Current call for papers

The Gender Glossary has been expanded to include the topic spectrum of diversity with its reorganization. The current call invites submissions on specific lemmas. Additional diversity-related lemmas are welcome.

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